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Do we need to reinvent STC?

When I started as a tech writer, STC was a valuable professional association. Not invaluable, but very nice to have. Today I received the following email from the STC President and I'm curious whether any of you feel the changes are good, bad, or simply necessary.

A reduction in dues sounds nice...

This is the year we reinvent STC! We do so to better serve the increasingly diverse community of technical communicators. We are shifting our focus from STC the organization to STC as a collection of services and delivery channels that meet the professional needs of our members. To make this shift, we are becoming more market centered, understanding whom we serve and what they want and need. Today, I am extremely pleased to announce the start of Project Phoenix. This is the major program to bring about the shift to a market-focused STC. The project has the following goals:

* Transform the Society’s web presence to increase the value for current and future members
* Improve the relationship between the Society and its current and former members
* Increase the Society’s registered member base
* Grow the Society’s revenue while decreasing its reliance on dues-based revenue
* Establish the Society as the center of the online universe for technical communicators globally
* Dramatically overhaul the Society’s brand identity
* Increase the digital distribution of the Society’s publications

To help us meet these goals, we have engaged a team of specialists who have a proven track record helping organizations like STC. We are funding this engagement by not filling certain staff positions at this time. We are using that money to augment our staff with these specialists instead. We have created a special web page to keep you informed about Project Phoenix. We will be creating a community on our community network platform to encourage and support member input, feedback, and discussion about Project Phoenix. And we will be using our social media channels throughout the year to engage interested members and non-members alike.

I ask for everyone to look for some way to get constructively engaged in this project during this year. Together, we can build the new STC.

Michael Hughes
STC President
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